Saturday, May 24, 2014

IR Formulae

incident =y

Define x, y, z

x = will we lose mass amounts of $$?
loss in product/services
loss in reputation
y = mission critical systems
z =

loss of money
lots of money
loss of personnel
corporate espionage

if (loss of $5 because dude shows up late) AND
(loss of large amounts of money because dude never shows up again) AND
(said dude had nuclear launch codes) THEN
incident = yes

Celebrity fitness
x = breach of privacy
y =

if (breach of privacy)
then incident = yes

x = breach of privacy
y = corporate espionage

if (breach of privacy) AND (corporate espionage)
then incident = yes

Emergency Services
if (backup battery goes down) AND
(there's a mongo hurricane outside) THEN
incident = yes
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