Friday, May 30, 2014

Static IP's vs DHCP from management standpoint [feedly]

Static IP's vs DHCP from management standpoint
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I was recently graced with a new job opportunity in a large higher ed NE department. This is my first job working with a large network of several thousand users. Throughout my education, I followed the idea that static IP's are useful from time to time in certain applications and historically used more in smaller networks. To this point, it has been my belief up to this point that DHCP is much more useful in larger settings. For this reason, I was shocked to learn that each of our near 3000 networking devices have painstakingly been allocated static management IP addresses. It was explained that this was easier to handle that DHCP. I will admit, the scheme for the addressing is nifty. The second octet is the device-class/network identifier, the third octet is the building identifier (we have some odd 200 buildings on campus), and the fourth is the device identifier. So the scheme is understandable, but still seems like a lot of numbers to remember; imagine I am looking for a Xirrus array in say the Cafeteria on St. Phillip's Street. Yes DNS could solve this, but the IP's do sometimes get changed and that could result in a nightmare if one is changed and not the other. The solution to me seems a DHCP/DNS combo.

So to sum up the question, from a management standpoint, why is it a good idea to use Static or DHCP addressing on equipment?


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