Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jurassic Park is still awesome

Watching Jurassic Park at home. Ohhh, the memories.

We saw it first time at the historic Phoenix Cine Capri. At one time this was the largest movie screen on the planet.
Of course, there was controversy. Parents reported that it caused nightmares with their children.
Nevertheless, we took our two year old Johnathan with us.

I remember feeling the awe and precious excitement when Drs Grant and Satler first saw the brachiosaur.
Dr. Grant got 'thuh vapuhs'. Teehee.

I also remember the science explosion that happened immediately after the movie released. Yes, there were small bits of extinct critter )bee) DNA that had been recovered via Amber, and other similar sources. Not enough to make Jurassic Park real. At the time, we had barely cracked the surface of the human genome project, and we had begun to realize that it wasn't so much DNA, but the protein folds that truly make life possible. Scientists said that even if dino DNA was retrieved, the chasm between frog and dinosaur DNA was too large to bridge the gap.

Ohh, but extinct bee DNA does not a dinosaur make. Scientists seem to agree that dino DNA is simply too old to retrieve viable samples. Think about it: bees = flowers, and flowers shows up only recently in the paleontological record. While I haven't looked it up, but I suspect that bees didn't exist at the time dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Here's what I've got as far as news on the forefront.

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