Thursday, April 16, 2015

Agents of Shield - S1E1: Asymmetric keys generated from GPS

Marathoning with the Underground Club in the Cave.  Ramp-up to Age of Ultron.

Sky has created a hard drive that's encrypted based upon her GPS.  Yes, it's possible!  All you'd have to do is change PGP opensource code to incorporate GPS coordinates into the keypair.

Better yet - incorporate different sets of GPS data for each side of the process:  Encrypt at home, but only decrypt when you've reached DizzlyLand.

Since we're messing with space, why not work on time?  Incorporate a timeout to ensure JIT location, and poof!  Awesomeness.

?? - what if someone spoofs GPS data?  Well - there's more to a GPS packet than just coordinates.  Zone in on 2-3 additional random data points (perhaps based on specific date/time?), and all-the-harder to replicate.


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